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‘The Llawnroc Hotel’ at Gorran Haven


Darren invites diners on a serene journey through the landscapes of Cornwall, where fields, farms, and waters intertwine to create culinary masterpieces. “No matter the season, our menu showcases the stories of local food heroes,” he emphasizes.



With a culinary career spanning 24 years, Darren’s expertise shines through in dishes that burst with flavour while minimising food miles.


Here at Coast, we concentrate on producing tasty, classic dishes, simply cooked using the best locally-sourced ingredients. You can expect to enjoy fresh, sustainable, local menus with dishes that are big and bold in flavour.


In contrast, ‘The Terrace’, offers an affordable selection of dishes which appeal to those who prefer a more relaxed approach to dining.



We highly recommend advance booking during busy periods to avoid disappointment.


Non-residents are most welcome.


For more information please visit:


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